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Storage DRM

Virtualization solution based on encryption technology for preventing the leakage of large volumes of unstructured data, such as industrial secrets and customer information, in a secure virtualized environment.

S-Work is an essential solution for the virtualization of unstructured data, aiming to protect internal core information assets.

Given the increasing incidents of internal confidential data leaks, there is a need to strengthen security management for internal data.

Storage DRM, S-Work proposes access for authorized users and program recipients, controlling and auditing data export outside the secure drive to prevent internal information leakage. It is a solution for virtualization of unstructured data.


S-Work Critical information asset protection

Implement a Virtual Secured Workspace through PC virtualization technology to isolate and secure the work environment, protecting a company's critical information assets.


Security isolation control

Unauthorized data leakage control

Security control for all applications and data

Intranet Access Control


Offline Usage Control

Tracking / 
Leakage Prevention

No Data Leakage with S-Work

Through high-performance PC virtualization technology, S-Work separates the working environment on a single PC into a general environment and a secure environment. It systematically distinguishes between the security zone and the general zone, preventing internal information leakage through secure drive encryption.

Unstructured data leakage Prevention

PC Virtualization technology

Isolated secure
work environment

Work Zone
Secure Drive

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