Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of SoftCamp Co., Ltd.

The present website is managed by SoftCamp Co., Ltd., on behalf of the company itself, as well as the holding company, corporate body and the affiliates (referred as “SoftCamp” or “the company”). SoftCamp is well aware of the importance of the protection of personal information, including the email addresses of its customers. The present privacy policy document describes how the company protects the personal information in order to provide the best services of all its customers.

Collection of Personal Information

SoftCamp collects personal information through various methods. One of the options is while you register, during subscription, your email or other information when your purchase products or services of the company via the website.

Information to be Collected and the Purpose Thereof

SoftCamp collects the following items of its customers’ personal information for the provision of customer services. Personal identification information: Company name, name, phone number, mobile number, email address, etc.

Use and storage of personal information

The company uses the collected personal information strictly for the purposes notified at the time of the collection and allowed by the Information Protection Law. The corresponding information will be kept only for a period of time that is necessary to meet the purposes. The personal information provided by the customers at the time of their purchase of SoftCamp products or services may be used for the email service to provide information on similar products or services as those purchased and for the purpose of obeying the legal liabilities.

Protection of Information through established security procedures

The company has established the security standards and procedure to prevent unauthorized accesses to the collected personal information.

Providing personal information to third parties

SoftCamp does not provide the collected personal information to a third party unless the customers have approved it in advance or provided by the statute.


Cookies are small units of information saved in the hard drive of customers’ computers by browsers. Cookies allow SoftCamp to be partially aware of the customers’ preferences. Once a customer revisits the website, the SoftCamp server will recognize cookies, collecting the information from the previous visit to the website. In most cases, browsers settings automatically allow cookies. In case a customer apply different browser settings to block cookies, access to the website may be restricted.

For any complaints regarding the privacy policy, please report to the privacy policy manager or corresponding department via the below contact information.

Phone: +82-1644-9366