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SoftCamp is a Korean technology company established in 1999 that specializes in information security. With expertise in fields regarding information leakage prevention and defense against external threats, SoftCamp is adequately equipped to protect important information and intellectual properties of client enterprises.

SoftCamp products are currently used by approximately 300 clients including major corporations, financial companies, public agencies, etc.
Also, SoftCamp has a fairly high market share in Japan’s security market.

  • Verified Technological Power
  • Highly reliable products developed with more than 15 years of experience in the industry
  • Elected as the standard information leakage prevention product by largest enterprises and financial holdings in South Korea
  • SoftCamp has the best information leakage prevention solution with the largest customer base of any document security
        company in South Korea. Regarding document security products, SoftCamp is No. 1 in the financial industry and enterprise
  • Technology-oriented management
  • Over 70% of the workforce at SoftCamp are R&D personnel
  • Holds various patents and core expertise in advanced security technologies
  • Document DRM, area DRM and keyboard security products designated as Korea Cryptographic Module Validation Program by
        National Intelligence Service
  • Certified for New Excellent Technology (NET) by Ministry of Science and Technology, Best Product by Korea Standards
        Association and Good Software by Telecommunications Technology Association
  • Obtained quality management system certification (ISO 9001) and environmental management system certification (ISO 14001)
  • Stable overseas business
  • Dominating Japan’s document security market through strategic affiliation and partnership with ALSI and Chieru
  • Developing export routes to China, Southeast Asia and America