Incoming File Control Security Solution

Management of Files carried in from outside

Solution for management of files carried in from outside 
that is specialized to partitioned environment

Protects PC from incoming files from endangering vital internal systems with virtualization and sanitization processes

Similar to entry security systems adopted by buildings to prevent unauthorized entry of outsiders, IT environment also requires entry security systems for incoming files from external environment.

SHIELDEX is a security solution that protects IT environment of a company by isolating, sanitizing, inspecting, controlling and blocking files carried in from the outside.

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  • Recent APT attacks are deployed in the form of destroying internal system in addition to information leakage. Therefore, APT attacks are causing serious damages for the country as well as the industry.
  • To respond to APT attacks, companies are introducing network partitioning or signature/ behavior analysis based APT security solutions. However, even a partitioned environment is not entirely free from the threats of external files carried in through e-mail, USB and network linked servers.
  • The need of appropriate security measure for PC against dangerous document and exe files incoming from external environment.


  • Appropriate for companies and organizations that adopted network partitioned/linked environment, seeking security measure against incoming files from external environment
  • Appropriate for companies and organizations considering to adopt security measures against APT attacks
  • Appropriate for companies and organizations seeking protection against unknown attacks such as Zeroday
  • Recommended for companies and organizations in financial/ energy/ national defense fields that are potential targets of advanced cyber terrorist groups