Area DRM

Area DRM

산업 기밀정보, 고객정보 유출방지 위한 가상화 솔루션

An area DRM solution designed to obligate saving confidential industrial/personal information to an encrypted area which is built with virtualization technology


  • With the development of IT technology in various industrial sectors, there have been significant advancement in information reproduction capabilities and also increased the likelihood of information leakage due to document digitization
  • Personal information and technology leakage incidences have been increasing every year
  • In addition to financial losses, information leakages may also deteriorate competitive advantage and credibility of the company thus endangering the company’s survival.
  • Emergence of security need for typical data, such as blueprints, development sources, geographic information, product design and etc.


  • Recommended for companies and organizations for which corporate information leakage can lead to enormous damages, such as IT companies, carmakers, shipyards and construction companies
  • Recommended for companies and organizations seeking for ways to apply security to internal work environment
  • Recommended for companies and organizations that need to share and collect large data due to frequent cooperation
  • Recommended for companies and organizations in need of security for atypical data, such as office documents, blueprints, source code and etc.
  • Recommended for companies and organizations that must conform to information protection regulations such as personal information protection act, the electronic financial transaction act etc.