Document DRM

Document DRM

기업 정보보안에 가장 필수적인 정보유출방지 솔루션

Document security solution to prevent corporate/ organizational confidential information leakage through electronic document encryption, user authentication and user permission control

  • Establishing integrated internal information leakage prevention system

    • Provides integrated information leakage prevention system through laptop computer carrying-in/ out control, selective control of document usage by online/ offline distribution channel and blocking of important information asset leakage (file and webpage)
  • Ensuring confidentiality and usability of corporate information assets

    • Ensures confidentiality and security standard compliance for files created and stored in user’s PC
  • Ensuring excellent security

    • Powerful encryption function with AES 128bit encryption algorithm
    • Designation as national encrypted product (verification completed, mounted with encryption module), Good Software certification
  • Strengthening work productivity

    • Detailed control of permission by department/ user according to work characteristics and offline login function
    • Provides secure environment as a whole through a link with DLP product
  • Centralized management

    • Sets and manages permission by user/ group based on roles and document class
    • Enables identification and follow-up inspection on the statue of document usage based on the records of usage
  • Safe cooperation environment

    • In addition to document distribution between users in an organization, safe file distribution system is provided to external partners.
    • General/ secure documents are safely delivered to outside users for which client is not installed.
    • Controls various document usage permissions, such as in terms of reading count, printing (printing count), editing and period of use