Document DRM

Document DRM

기업 정보보안에 가장 필수적인 정보유출방지 솔루션

Document security solution to prevent corporate/ organizational confidential information leakage through electronic document encryption, user authentication and user permission control

  • File and folder encryption

    • Supports mandatory (automatic) encryption, folder encryption and simple encryption functions according to security policy

  • Document utilization permission control

    • Control over document usage – read (# of allowed reading), edit, print (# of allowed printing) and decryption
    • Setting different permissions by user/ group and according to document class

  • Offline login functions

    • Supports operational continuity while maintaining security Supports encryption/decryption and usage authority control under special occasions, such as business trips or home working, where access to document security management server is not available
    • Transmits the offline usage log history to management server and automatically switches to online status at the point of return to the company

  • Link with work system

    • Provides encryption/ decryption API for a link with work system within an organization, such as groupware, electronic approval, knowledge management (KMS) and ERP system

  • Creating secure file for external transmission

    • Supports safe document distribution in cooperation environment
    • Supports authentication and creation of exe file with usage authority in environment where document security is not installed

  • Integrated record management

    • Supports viewing & recording behaviors of users and administrator

  • Management efficiency based on hierarchical management system

    • Provides intermediate and lower-level security manager function for increased operational efficiency