Document DRM

Document DRM

기업 정보보안에 가장 필수적인 정보유출방지 솔루션

Document security solution to prevent corporate/ organizational confidential information leakage through electronic document encryption, user authentication and user permission control

전자문서 Life Cycle에 대한 강력하고 통합적인 보안 제공


  • Steady increase in the use of electronic documents due to digitization of documents and IT advancement
  • The confirmed number of illegal technology leakage activities has been showing an upward trend during the last 5 years. These illegal activities are spreading to all of South Korea’s major industries including automobile, shipbuilding and steel etc.
  • As cooperative work became essential to the business environment, the potential leakage channels and entities have diversified. Consequently, internal information leakage became more difficult to control.


  • Appropriate for companies and organizations holding confidential information where leakage of such information could lead to great damage
  • Appropriate for companies and organizations that engage in frequent cooperation with external entities where security is essential
  • Appropriate for companies and organizations that utilize centralized information management systems such as KMS, ERP, CRM and EDMS
  • Appropriate for companies and organizations that must conform to information protection regulations such as personal information protection act, the electronic financial transaction act etc.