Document Management Innovation

Document management innovation

Realization of zero-document environment through document centralization

SoftCamp provides an efficient way to manage/utilize documents by preventing document leakage and centralizing documents through a document management system.


  • Do you want to manage your employees’ documents more efficiently and manage them as corporate assets?
  • Do you want ‘zero-document’ environment where documents are not saved in employees’ PCs?
  • Do you want to increase efficiency of operation and document-related cooperation among your employees?
  • Do you need security for data saved a centralized area?


  • Due to the digitization of documents, corporate assets are becoming more like properties of employees
  • Ineffective document management due to absence or resignation of employees
  • Despite companies’ attempts to systematically centralize documents, less than 20% of documents transformed into a form of corporate asset

Relevant Laws

  • Good Regulatory Practices for IT Protection in Financial Companies announced by the Financial Supervisory Service and Financial Services Commission in October 2012

    Financial institutions etc. shall recommend sensitive information not be stored on devices (including personal PCs) and to discourage sharing devices with others.


  • Centralized security solution for cooperation/sharing activities under document based ECM system
  • Centralized security solution for cooperation/sharing activities under design data-based PLM system
  • Centralized security solution for file server based cooperation/sharing activities
솔루션 정보
상품 방안
  • Controls document editing Apps (MS Office, Hangul, AutoCAD etc.) to save document files to a central storage
  • Central storage function available for PLM and ECM without a separate web connection
  • Provides virtualized secure area for an employee’s PC under special circumstances where saving data to a centralized document storage is not available, i.e. a business trip.
  • Provides efficient data management and security by saving data only in work areas of local PC
for Storage
  • Offers cooperative work environment (by team/ project/ individual) with the utilization of a file server
  • Improves security by restricting access to file server
  • Improves security by prohibiting saving file server data to local disk
Linker / Service Linker S-Work Linker
  • Supports secure distribution of document between central storage and work system by interconnecting work system to API

Expected Benefits

  • Reduction effect in TCO regarding management utilization through 100% capitalization of work data
  • Work productivity improvement as document cooperation/ sharing in organizational unit is generalized
  • Document leakage prevention strengthened as all documents are distributed in controllable local secure area and central repository
  • Cost reduction in data management for unnecessary documents and increased efficiency in searching documents