Confidential Industrial Information Leakage Prevention

Confidential Industrial Information
Leakage Prevention

Corporate asset leakage prevention through
document encryption and access control

Corporate asset leakage prevention through document encryption and access control


  • Do you want to prevent leakage of your core technical data by employees?
  • Do you want to protect the confidential information of your business from industrial espionage?
  • Do you want to prevent leakage of data aimed for your partners to a third party?
  • Do you need a safe cooperation environment while keeping operational productivity?


  • Office document and PLM data security
  • Deterioration in performance caused by encryption of large-sized unstructured data
  • Ensuring compatibility of encrypted data with diverse applications
  • Safe data exchange and mutual operation among cooperating entities
  • Limitations in existing security software, such as PC security, document security and DLP

관련 법규

  • Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act (Article 2-2)

    Protection of trade secrets is limited to ‘information maintained as a secret by considerable efforts (trade secret),’ and thus encryption and management control
    shall be carried out for protection of the information itself.

  • Pursuant to the Act on Prevention of Divulgence and Protection of Industrial Technology, organizations and companies carrying out R&D projects for the following are subject to protection and management, and thus shall receive management to prevent leakage of confidential industrial information

    State-of-the-art technology under Article 5 of the Industrial Development Act; High technology under Article 18 (2) of the Restriction of Special Taxation Act; New technology under Article 15-2 of the Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Act; New technology under Article 6-2 of the Electric Technology Management Act; Technology for Configuration and materials under Article 19 of the Act on Special Measures for the Promotion of Specialized Enterprises, etc. for Component and Materials; New technology under Article 7 (1) of the Environmental Technology and Industry Support Act;
    National core technology, which has high technological and economic values in the Korean and overseas markets or brings high growth potential to its related industries and is feared as a technology to exert a significantly adverse effect on the national security and the development of the national economy in the event that it is divulged abroad and National research and development project advanced by the heads of relevant central governmental administrative agencies under Article 11 of the Framework Act on Science and Technology
    Failure to comply can result in prison terms, fines or dual liability unless a firm or an individual involved in the incident took reasonable care to prevent unlawful acts in relation to the work activity.

  • Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc

    Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet data center (IDC) providers and communications service providers with a daily average user count of one million or over during the immediately preceding three months (Internet portals, shopping malls, e-Commerce service providers, newspaper companies, broadcasting companies, game and educational content providers and music service providers) shall obtained certification for their services and ISMS certification items include key document encryption.


  • Security solution for cooperation with external entities
  • Data security for important manufacturing systems, such as PLM/ ERP
  • Security is provided for output data during all stages of a product lifecycle, including planning, design, startup and mass-production.
솔루션 정보
상품 방안
  • Controls reading, writing and printing at the point of saving a document within permitted range of user authority
  • Document protected from unauthorized users even if leaked to external environment through e-mail or USB
  • Obligates saving work data to encrypted area which is built with virtualization technology
  • Controls access by USB, email, messenger etc.
  • Encrypted data distribution even within company
Secure Web
  • Offers security for web pages by controlling activities including web content source viewing, copying, saving, screen capture and printing
Secure LapTop
  • Controls unauthorized usage of laptop computers outside the company
Secure Device
  • Controls information leakage path (online/offline)
for Storage
  • Controls data leakage while interconnected to S-Work
  • Provides secure cooperation among partners through encryption of data within virtualized secure area
S-Work PointEx
  • Provides secure cooperation among partners by encrypting shared files
  • Disables security (decrypt) on encrypted files for external transmission thru approval procedure and strengthens inspection by storing the original copy
Linker /
Service Linker
S-Work Linker
  • Stores data to encrypted secure area while securing up/download process from work system by interconnecting API to trunk system


  • Powerful security provided by obligating encryption on confidential documents
  • Strengthened security by interconnecting information system to internal trunk system
  • Provides safe cooperation environment by ensuring secure external transmission
  • Various security policies available at the group and individual levels
  • Prevents data leakage with encrypted secure area
  • Advanced inspection function on external leakage provided with security on printed materials and approval management system